Things to Know Before You Plan a Barn Venue for Your Wedding?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your wedding in an unforgettable and unconventional location, amidst nature and animals? Nowadays, people are fed up with the traditional black tie wedding. As per a recent survey, there has been a steady decline in the traditional black tie weddings at a banquet hall, country clubs, etc. Additionally, people are becoming more interested in the non-traditional venues like farms, barns; even if a couple isn’t having an actual barn for the event, some make their venue look like one.

With the increasing demand for barn weddings, most of the old barns are being converted into wedding destinations with well-equipped facilities. If you’re from Minnesota, looking for barn venues in MN, then there are a number of wedding organizers in Minnesota who can organize your most memorable event amongst candlelight chandelles, a collection of antique jukeboxes, and many more.

A few things that need to be taken care of before selecting a venue:

Barn weddings become one of the great destinations for breathtaking photos, but when it comes to stopping the perfect venue, there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of in order to have a successful event. Moreover, the best thing to do is to plan everything with a wedding planner who specializes in barn weddings.

  1. The wedding expense:

Even though this kind of marriage may seem a lot cheaper than the other traditional ones. If it’s not planned properly, it may turn out to be way more expensive. Apart from the open barn, everything will have to be arranged, starting from chairs, tables, and so forth. Looking for a professional wedding planner will be much more reasonable. Also, make sure that the barn that they are using is a licensed one and is ensured to be open to the public.

  1. Any local restrictions:

Different localities have different rules. Even though you have hired the barn for your big day, it cannot be assumed that you can dance till the early hours. So it’s always advisable to look out for any sound ordinance or any other uses in the area that should be taken care of.

  1. The proper arrangement as per weather:

Most barns are not well ventilated, so during summers, they can really hold in the summer heat. So make sure to have plenty of big fans to make the air circulation proper. The same goes for winters also, since they lack proper insulation for outdoor temperatures. So if you have a barn which is not climate controlled, then it’s best to add a few dress code suggestions for the guest as per the weather.

Apart from the mentioned points, there are a few other points that need to be noted. Always check the grounds of the place you wish to have your wedding. It may sound gritty, but even though the fields and pastures are picturesque, they may not be car and wheel friendly, which is necessary for elderly guest and others. Make a plan for the bugs as well as they can be a ‘pest.’ Set up citronella candles around the perimeter of the venue to make sure your guests don’t get any bug bites.

So if you’re planning your wedding in a barn, make sure you keep a note of the mentioned points and look out for barn venues in MN with professional planners who can make your big day into a memorable one.