The Popularity of Wine Paint and Sip Parties

Wine and painting parties are becoming more popular by the day. They are so popular that you probably can find a class or wine and painting party near you. But if you want to do one with your family and friends there is no reason you cannot do one yourself.

For people wanting to go to a business and have the event hosted, consider wine painting denver. But if you want to do your own or go to a party, following the tips below will help you:

Wine and Painting Events Are For Everyone

These parties are open to people of all ages, even people who are not old enough to drink; if underage people are there, then it is just a painting party. But most of the people who go to these events are old enough to drink.

You can bring your best friends, your family, and co-workers as there is room for everyone in this fun activity. Generally, the room will be full of people intrigued by painting but already enjoy drinking wine.

Drinking wine while you paint helps to bring more creativity. For people who might be nervous painting for the first time, a glass of wine definitely helps to reduce stress. 

Bring Your Own Wine

Did you bring all of your own painting gear? While you can do that, it is not necessary much of the time. Most studios and people hosting parties will provide everything you need. It is smart to wear clothes that you do not mind getting stained with paint.

Just focus on bringing a good bottle of wine that suits your tastes. Choosing your own wine to drink shows that you are refined and sophisticated. It also shows that you take this painting opportunity seriously!

Depending on where the event is held, you might be able to buy your wine from a bar. But most places tell you to bring your own. This is a stress-free event, and there is no requirement to bring other than yourself and a bottle of wine.

It’s Free-Hand Painting – Wine Included!

In most of these events, free-hand drawing is probably how it will be done and will help you to express yourself artistically. Some studios tell you to use a grid to keep your painting focused and in the right dimensions.

If this is your first time, it is wise to paint a photo that is offered by the studio or host for your first painting. It may be a still life or a landscape. From there on, you may choose to bring your own. You can bring a photo of your wife, husband, or partner, pet, or something else you hold dear.

If you are a more advanced painter, you can of course paint straight from your imagination, but most rookies find it helpful to work from a photograph.

Consider a Private Party

Many wine and painting studios will offer a private party that is open to groups of all sizes. If you are going to a private painting event, such as a bridal shower, the same rules apply. But in this case, wine may be brought by the host. It is a good idea to check in advance to be sure that is what is happening. Different venues offering these classes may even have festive or seasonal events that are geared toward a particular celebration.

During a private party, the decision of what you are painting could be up to the host and attendees might be encouraged to paint that. Whether you are attending a private or public event, but sure to enjoy your wine and painting event!