Songwriting Simplified: Check This Easy Guide For Beginners!

Songwriters and lyricists are responsible for bringing emotions to melodies and tunes through words, and it goes without saying that the process is rewarding and creative. If you aspire to become a songwriter, you have to find ways of getting your basics right. Even the best songwriters have a hard time maintaining their mojo. In case you have a writer’s block, you can go here for some inspiration, but in this post, we are sharing a few tips that will be extremely useful for beginners in particular.

The start

This is often the toughest part of the process, and the best way to start is to have the main melody in consideration. You don’t have to compose your melody – Start with one that’s readily available. Once you have the music, the next step is to create a hook. There are songwriters who prefer to write their words first and work around it. The rest of the song comes naturally to them, and they select the tune later. Truth be told, there is no rule when it comes to songwriting, but what you definitely need is an approach and a start point.

Define the genre

Writing a soft romantic song requires a different headspace than a song that’s meant to a party number. As a songwriter, you must first define the genre you are focusing on, and your writing process has to be in sync with that. If you have the lyrics right, a lot of it can be edited, improved and worked upon, once the melody is ready. Hook for a song is what matters, and sometimes, many songwriters will just write based on what they have on mind on a given day.

Draw your inspiration

Some of the best singers and songwriters draw inspiration from their own lives, but it doesn’t always have to be the case. You can pretty much decide on what inspires your thought process. For instance, if you thought of life or love in a certain way, you can write around that. Having some source of inspiration does come in handy.

Keep it simple

Lyrics for a song has to be simple, easy to understand, and must rely on simple language and words. Always focus on the simplicity of the lyrics, because you want more people to relate to the words. There are many songs where the tune doesn’t seem like the best, but listeners would still have it on their playlist because they connect to the lyrics. Try and use words that are easy to remember and pronounce.

Take your time

That’s probably one of the most overlooked aspect of songwriting. If you are a beginner, your process will take its own time to get defined, so ensure that you are not rushing in the writing. Take your time and take as many breaks as required, because sometimes, even the best songwriters take weeks to complete an original song.

As a songwriter, you have to be in love with the process to enjoy it. One step at a time is the best way ahead!