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Rum Is Always a Fun Addition to a Reggae Celebration

You cannot have rum without reggae music and you cannot have reggae without rum. That fact is noted when festivals present the two. Not only do partiers enjoy a large selection of rums, they also experience a broad range of reggae musical tunes.

Reggae Music and Specially Crafted Rums

This is made possible when you include a reggae sound system and specially crafted rums from rum-producing countries, such as South America, the US, Cuba, and the West Indies. Guests at rum festivals enjoy a number of entertainment options, each of which are presented on different stages.

For instance, rum festivals and buying rum often happen in connection with carnival dancing and street drum performances. These activities trigger more dancing and movement from the crowd. Jamaican food is also the preferred fare when people enjoy reggae music.

Rum Selections to Consider

Some festivals feature photo booths – great ways to make the festival one to remember. If you visit a festival site, you may be able to explore the various kinds of rums in the site’s store. That way, you can introduce yourself to the rum selections and see how they are used. Rum comes in the form of dark rum, every rum, overproof rum, and spiced rum.

Double Ageing Is the Secret

What makes some rums extra special is the double ageing process. A double matured rum stands as long as 14 years before it is sampled. Many of the premium rums feature a distinct sweet taste – one that is balanced against fruit flavours, including citrusy sensations.

How About a Sealed Black Rum?

Some rums taste especially good before they are sealed. For instance, a premium black Bermuda rum may be sealed with a black sealing wax that keeps the stopper intact. By taking this approach, the rum producer guarantees that the rum will exhibit a taste that is as sweet as it is spicy. If you want to participate in a rum celebration, you want to know what rums to choose and which rums may not meet with your preferences.

Learn More About Reggae and Rum

A rum party, when reggae is featured, enlivens the venue where it takes place. Would you like to enjoy a rum celebration in the near future? If so, check out the rum and reggae venues first. Find out more, as well, about the various kinds of rum so you can enjoy a celebration that is both memorable and fun.

Reggae Styles

When participating in rum and reggae celebrations, it also helps to learn more about Jamaican style music. Reggae represents the most famous of Jamaican musical genres. Other genres include rocksteady, dancehall, and dub. All of these styles support Jamaican tunes.

A Rum and Reggae Theme

If you want to add a Caribbean feel to party activities, you cannot enjoy an event without including a rum and reggae theme. Find a site online that provides both offerings at various venues across the UK. Make sure it includes a rum store so you can truly enjoy the experience. That type of highlight always supports a party-type atmosphere.