No Health Insurance in America Result in A Huge Financial Loss

Yang Zijian, an exchange student at New York University from Peking University, slipped by stepping on a plastic bag and knocked a tooth off when he visited Yellowstone National Park during the summer. His Dior glasses were broken.

His friends quickly drove him to the closest emergency center.

In addition to getting a new pair of eyeglasses and contacts in America (aka 美国配眼镜), the total expense of hospitalization and outpatient surgery knocked Zijian out. Fortunately, his waived insurance at NYU (aka 纽约大学替换保险) protected him from the huge financial debt by giving him insurance claim (aka 保险理赔) according to the provisions on his International Student Health Insurance (aka 留学生保险).

Another student, Hong Xiaomin, confronted a huge medical debt.

Her husband is a full-time doctor at Chemical Engineering Department at the University of California, Log Angeles. Because of the high price of adding a spouse in health insurance, only her husband purchased a plan from a health insurance agent on the marketplace with a lower price in order to waive the health insurance (aka 替换保险) provided by the school.

Seeing many friends inject the HPV vaccine (aka hpv疫苗) for free, she got one dose one day. To her surprise, one dose cost her $200. When she argued with the University Health Center, the officer at UHC said that her friends got the free vaccine because they have health insurance covering HPV vaccine. Since she did not have any health insurance, she had to pay for it on her own.

Spending money efficiently is a good habit, yet some money cannot be saved on some occasions.