Independent Music Banned from Major Radio Stations Shock

A new indie rock album was released this month and has been banned from most major radio stations and outlets. The alternative experimental album is one of many by prolific Australian Indie Rock Outfit StrangeJuice, whose dark humour wasn’t appreciated this time around by the larger players.


The opening track is an expletive ridden tirade that was allegedly recorded while the band was walking on the way to the studio. The second track, a ridiculous yet catchy mud ridden track is accompanied by the sound of obscenely loud crunching corn chips. Eat with your mouth closed, rockers. Following that is a serenely pleasant ballad about being addicted to diet pills. A music video for Diet Pills features a babies head smouldering from the eyes.


Being heavily expurgated and targeted isn’t strange for StrangeJuice, in 2015 the band were facing lawsuits after their music video Jalapeno Sun launched in the aftermath of heavily politically themed gun-control lobby action. It seems the world hasn’t forgotten and does not want to give the underground rockers a second chance at offending their ears.


To their rescue, independent music outlet Bandcamp has allowed the album through and is currently on offer completely free of charge in attempt to stick the nose up at the large industry dinosaurs attempting to silence the group.


We attempted to contact the group but they were unable to comment. The band’s manager responded to our enquiry and stated that the band, “Was not happy with the censorship but really couldn’t care less, as it has had 100,000 downloads in the first week alone.”

Where do you find the album?

The album is available for free download here:

Their new single, Diet Pills, has surfaced on youtube despite efforts of takedown here:

Don’t expect to find any of these tracks on your local radio stations however.