Ideas for a girl’s room

If you’re looking to find the perfect girls’ room for girls, then your princess grows bigger. Your little girl is ready to detach her baby room and transferred to her own castle with her big bed and beautiful objects! Perhaps she already has her own space, but he needs a touch more to get the uniqueness that suits her.

You want to smartly create a beautiful palace for your little girl? A place where it can nest and sink beneath its pink, or not pink, veil? The fairy room is for that place where you can carefree to play, relax, sleep and laugh! So is the time to shape up for that dream place?

# 1 Her Primary Bed

A beautiful bed is also the main ingredient of a separate girly room. There is not only to give her the magic smells she needs but also a companion to play, to read or to simply relax. So you have to create for her a bed able to house every dream and occupation! He accompanied him with a mosquito net or even with lights to achieve a fairy-tale effect. Put on the cushion the cushions fit to give him the cozy and sweet breeze that suits him! You can also look on Papercollective, in order to add wallpaper behind the bed.

# 2 Her special office

This is an element that cannot be missed by a girls’ room for girls. Whether your little girl has learned to write and read or not, the office is her place of creation. On top of it she can paint, test her artistic anxieties and later lay her life reading! You owe so as a parent to make her office a place where she can inspire, without wanting to be separated. Bake it with small, sweet and special ornaments based on pink, lilac and white. So she will not bother growing up but she can easily modify her desk decoration anytime she wants!

# 3 Her magic corner

The magic corner cannot be missed by a unique girls’ room for girls! So she created a corner to nest, read her book, listen to music and calm down! Some big pillows, a mosquito net and some lights are enough to give you the sweetness and warmth that your guy needs. So she can be hung inside her mini home and automatically find the quiet and isolation she is looking for when she needs it.

# 4 The fairy-tale lighting

If you want to make your princess’s haven even warmer and more hospitable, you have to leave behind the traditional lighting option. She has adopted more than one way to illuminate and decorate her room at the same time. Many small lights will create a dream setting and a wonderful atmosphere! You can place them over her bed, around her office or anywhere you want. So she will not be stunned by the light and will find the relaxation she is looking for.

# 5 her lovely mirror

Your princess discovers herself, looks at her mirror image, and tests her lip gloss, her first cosmetics, her clothes, your clothes! A mirror, then, is not lacking in its own space. In front of her she will dance her dancing figures while he will stand by her side in the next period of her life and teenage years. With a few candles around it has the power to be the most precious gem of her new room!

# 6 unique artworks

Do not hesitate to include your own stigma in the room. A good idea is to embellish your palace’s palace with frames or pieces of her own works! She may not be an experienced artist; however, she will feel very proud of recognizing her creations, her paintings, the first signs of her talent. Thus, her space will acquire beyond her color and personal touch of decoration. Friends and visitors will admire her creations and she will feel great about her accomplishments!

# 7 The sweet color around her

The shades to be used for the colorful design of the unique castle play a catalytic role! This is because the wise choices are those that will give time to the room’s appearance and create the right conditions for both play and relaxation. Thus, vintage or modern white furniture, pink detail in its elements and pastel shades can lead to the ideal effect. So, you are based on these three rules if you want to give your little girl a very girl room that will not bother growing up!