How Do I Choose a Videographer?

Whether you are looking to document your wedding day, the birth of your child, or any other event in your life, having a video diary of this important day will allow it to be remembered forever.

When you are experiencing a day as important as your wedding, it will whizz by. That means that choosing the right company to document your day is incredibly important. Whoever you choose, you want to look back at a great quality video, in a beautifully done style that represents you.

Here are a few tips to ensure you choose the best videographer for your special day.

Pick a videographer that you get along with

You should plan to spend a good amount of time with your videographer in the months leading up to your event. They will need to get a sense of your style and know exactly what you want in your video. During an event, the videographer will be with you while you are getting ready, during the event, and after the event. If you have a good rapport with them, the video will turn out much better. When interviewing videographers, you can even grab a coffee and have a simple chat to interview them. This will ensure you get along well before hiring.

Review previous footage

One amazing way to decide on a videographer is to look at past projects. These past projects are essentially a portfolio and will allow you to get some insight into how they create their videos and the styles they use. Compare different videos that you have seen in the past and loved. This will be a telltale sign of what they will most likely produce for your event.


If you have spoken to anyone who has hired a videographer, the main comment regarding the budget is that you will get what you pay for. You should be aware that creating a high-quality video of an event requires expensive cameras (usually more than one), assistants, planning, and skill from years of experience.

Budget varies on location and what you are expecting, but simply be wary of heavily discounted videographers. By having a budget that is comfortable for you, but also coincides with the level of quality you are looking for, your event video will be sure to turn out how you expected.

Layout your expectations

Do you plan to have a large party and need four cameras with assistants? Maybe you plan to have a small wedding and only want your ceremony captured. No matter what life event you want to be filmed, or how you want it done, you need to lay out your expectations for your future videographer. Without your expectations explained, you may end up with a result different than what you had envisioned.

If you are looking to document a wedding or other event in the Denver area, contact Noble Bison Productions, a Denver videographer, to have a discussion regarding your expectations for your special day.