Have Some Fun In Deep Ellum, Dallas!

Heading to Dallas, Texas?

Dallas is a great place to visit, while down in the heart of Texas. It is a huge city, full of things to do. What if you want to go out and to hit some exciting bars for a night out? Deep Ellum, a district within Dallas, is just the place to visit. Go where the locals go for a fun night out of dancing, dining, and art. It is a smaller slower paced place to go, out of the hustle and bustle of Dallas.

The history of Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum was established shortly after the Civil War with freedman from slavery. Originally called Deep Elm, the locals pronounced it Ellum, and the name stuck. A Gin factory was the first company to come to town, followed over the years by many companies, making it a warehouse district. As the years evolved, Deep Ellum became known for its art, and music venues. It had a boom in the early 1990s, with about 57 bars up and down the tree-lined streets. However there a period of demise and crime, with many favorites shutting their doors. As of 2009-2010, it has now had a resurgence of new places, and the old favorites returning. The streets have been repaved, and the area is once again starting to reflourish.

What to see and do in Deep Ellum

You can visit some Deep Ellum bars, to enjoy special concoctions or craft beers. Everywhere you turn, as you enter Deep Ellum, there is art abound, on the sides of buildings, as well as inside. There are art festivals, as well as music venues, held throughout the year. People come in cars, bikes, and also walk from nearby neighborhoods to enjoy all that Deep Ellum has to offer.

What unique drinking establishments are located in Deep Ellum?

There are many Deep Ellum bars to visit, however, this is just a short list of some. Trees is a local favorite, well known for hosting famous musical acts, such as Pearl Jam, Radiohead, and many more. It is the top catering, and music venue in Dallas and ticket prices are reasonable. If you are looking for action, such as the infamous “Studio 54” then Le Vu Discotheque, is your place for a night of dancing. The Lizard Lounge is also another late night venue for fun and drinks.

What about more mellow, but also fun places?

Looking for a fun place for all, that is not too loud, but equally fun? Head on over to Louie’s Dueling Piano Bar. This is a place for everyone to go, as they play all genres of music. You are sure to have a good time, laughing, clapping, and singing along. Head on over to Sons of Hermann another night for some acoustic music, country, or even some swing dancing, on certain nights. There is always something different going on here.

What about dining, too?

Not only can you enjoy a favorite “honky tonk” such as “Mama Tried”, a huge indoor/outdoor venue for fun, drinks, and foot stomping. They stay true to good Texan foods for you to enjoy. Another favorite is Adair’s Saloon. Home to great Texas-sized burgers and wings, also great sides like chips and salsa, or fries. There is music basically every night. So come on down and rub elbows with the locals and fellow tourists, while having a great time in Deep Ellum, where this never a dull moment!