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Don’t know what to give away this Christmas? Why not give away photography?

Giving is an action that makes us happy. We deliver to show love, as a form of gratitude, or because a tan date requires it, but above all, to provoke the happiness of the one who receives it, which generates happiness for us. If that gift is well thought out, not driven by consumerism, or by being above the one given (buying the most expensive, buying more presents than anyone else), happiness will be even greater.

Thus, it is customary to dedicate a great effort to finding something that excites the other person and suits their tastes and interests. The most important thing is not the economic cost since the sentimental value is their top priority.

It is also widespread to give gifts made by your own hands or personalized in some way. At this time, it is a good idea to consider a personal, simple, and economic detail. And what better than photographs. These are a versatile element since you can adapt them to any theme. For example, you can give a Christmas photo, a personal book, a report for communion, a family session, etc.

In this sense, Christmas is a perfect time to give a custom photo gift. This season is synonymous with happiness, family, love, or nostalgia. And here are five reasons to provide a photo as a present.

1.  Its value increases over time.

An image survives and endures over time. Thus, the one who receives this custom photo gift will remember the meaning of the gift forever.

He will remember that particular person in the picture, that unique event to which he was invited, that happy time, etc.

2.  It is a gift in the form of a souvenir.

Photographs are images captured with the heart. They are a gift made to remember. It is the ideal way to remember a particular day, event, or celebration.

3.  It is personal, simple, and economical.

Based on the idea that we all like this element… it’s a winning bet.

In the same way, you can adapt it to your budget, and it won’t cost you too much.

4.  It is an expression of art and good taste.

In every home, photography is an additional element. It is a safe value and – depending on the choice – can be an artistic expression.

5.  It is versatile

You can also personalize the gift in a thousand ways. Give a photo adapted to a specific time: Christmas, communion, wedding, baptism, pregnancy, etc. In short, a print will never go out of style.

Now that you know why giving a personalized photo is a good idea, we leave you with some ideas of what gifts you can make with them.

Photos with a fridge magnet

Did you know that you can make your custom magnets easily and from home? All you need is a wood or metal base, a picture of the same size, some contact adhesive, and a draw. You can also do this by reusing bottle caps or even small ceramic tiles.


This type of toy was prevalent from the 1950s until it was taken off the market in 2008. Now they have a resurgence arising from nostalgia and new technologies, many providers allow you to send them the pictures you want to be included in the track, or you can use the tools on their page and do it yourself. It will be a success.

Wall clock with photos

You will only need a few clock hands with their mechanism (available in DIY stores) and 12 pictures of your choice for this simple idea. You will put them so that each one represents one hour and done!