Choose the Right Social Photo Booth for Your Event

Photo booths are a fun way to liven up any corporate or private event, but it’s important you choose the right one for your particular requirements. Social media photo booths are ideal for youthful parties or corporate events for young, vibrant companies, and there are a variety of choices on the market. To help you choose the best social media photo booth for your event, this article lists the various types that different businesses in Perth offer, so you can make an informed decision.


Companies such as Photo Snap Photo booths and Vivid Media offer the Insta Print photo booth. With this high-tech option, your guests can take photos with their smart phones, upload them to Instagram, and then print them through the photo booth. The booth automatically finds every Instagram picture that has your custom hashtag and will then print it off for you. You can also send the pictures to your email or via SMS, so you can save a digital copy of your memories as well. The Insta Print is the perfect social media booth for a party full of Instagram influencers or aspiring influencers, but if you want some more variety for your event perhaps another booth is a good choice.

Social Media Photo Booth

Iceberg Media provides a social media photo booth that covers more of your bases. It features a screen and camera on a stand, with a beauty ring lighting facility to ensure the pictures are good quality. This booth can capture GIFs, boomerang animations, and photos, and it will send them instantly by email or share them onto social media for you. The Iceberg Media Social Booth is probably the best choice for a fancy corporate event where you want to ensure the pictures are lit up perfectly – especially if it’s a youthful company who enjoy the easy social media sharing feature.

GIF Booth

A GIF Booth is an entertaining choice for your event, and is sure to amuse your guests for most of the evening. Both Social Playground and Perth Premier Photo booths offer a GIF booth, and they are pretty similar – the main difference is that Social Playground offers a few other extras such as augmented reality filters and customisable overlays. The Perth Premier Photo booths version does send your GIF as an MP4 so it’s easily uploadable, and it also automatically saves the animations to Dropbox. They both send you digital versions of the GIFs, and you can easily upload them to social media through the booth as well. Whichever company you choose to go with, the GIF Booth is a great choice as it relaxes your guests and encourages them to be silly and enjoy themselves – this is especially useful for getting corporate groups to bond.

The Social Photo Booth

Kiss & Tell Photo booths offers the ultimate, versatile social photo booth, which provides a range of extras as well as the features you require to impress a party full of social media fanatics. The Kiss & Tell Photobooths Social Booth is available for only $499 for the entire night, so your guests can take endless pictures, GIFs and boomerang animations to their hearts’ content.

It doesn’t need an attendant, and a staff member will set it up and explain the way it functions. The booth is ideal for elegant events, because you can choose from 10 classy sequin backdrops for the pictures. However, it’s perfect for a youthful party as well, because the guests will be thoroughly entertained by using a selection of amusing props to create GIFs and boomerangs – also the instantaneous social media uploads will always be a winner.

This social booth is an affordable yet sophisticated choice that will suit any type of event. The range of functions will impress even the most technologically advanced guests, and it’s perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere where people can unwind and get to know each other.

Is a Social Booth the Right Choice?

When you’re choosing a photo booth for your event, it’s important to look at all the options to ensure you pick the best one for your theme and requirements. Social media booths such as the Kiss & Tell Photobooths Social Booth are definitely a great choice for a younger audience, but sometimes other demographics are more interested in nostalgic options instead.

Luckily, all of the companies mentioned in this article offer a range of other booths. Vivid Media provides interactive booths, Kiss & Tell Photobooths has retro and vintage booths, and Perth Premium Photobooths offers various open and enclosed photobooths. Just make sure that whichever photobooth type you choose, you go with a reliable, experienced photobooth company that will ensure your event is a success.