Are Male Strippers A Good Idea For A Bachelorette Party?

A bachelorette party is supposed to be the second-best night of your life after the wedding night. It is supposed to be something you’ll never forget. If you or your best friend is getting married and a bachelorette party should be organized, you definitely must think about getting some male strippers.

In addition, we’ll tell you why this is a great idea, how to get the best strippers and what can you expect of the situation. Read on a find out!

Why is this a great idea?

First of all, everyone likes to have fun. Whether you’re single or married for years, strip dance is something that’s a lot of fun. Just open the internet and browse through pictures of videos of happenings like this and you’ll see that every single one of them is filled with laughter and joy.

This is one of the best bachelorette party ideas because it involves a sexy great looking man, dancing, and music. Is there any woman in the world that won’t find this fun? Even if some girl is gay, they still appreciate a good man’s figure, right?

It’s important to know that strippers are not gigolos. They won’t indulge in sexual plays after their performance and if they do something like this you need to know that you have grounds to ask for the money back. A lot of these people are married with kids and live a happy family life.

How to get the best strippers?

It’s all a matter of preference in life. Men are too. The websites of the companies offering such service will always send you a portfolio of the people you can hire. Looking at them, you’ll pick who’s the most attractive one, or ones, and hire them for your party.

A good company will also give you the option to pick a theme. Make a scenario for the party. They’ll give you an offer to make the most of the situation. Roleplay is very popular and it’s great if you can choose between a fireman, a police officer, or something else that is popular.

Of course, ask for the price too. Don’t get surprised when you pay for only a 10-minute show. You should know what you get. Some companies will seem more affordable, but others will give you more for the same amount. That’s why you need to make thorough research and see what’s best. Once you do this, you can relax and enjoy the fun.

What to expect?

Depending on what you’ve picked as a theme, the stripper might come invited or not invited. For example, if you’re single and everyone knows this, you can tell everyone that he is your boyfriend and make a huge surprise to your friends.

Another idea is not to tell anyone and make a police officer at your door scenario. You can play some loud music, and act as the police came to your door as a complaint from the neighbors. Or, you can simply tell everyone to be ready for this so that you find out if anyone has a problem with it. See on this link what you can expect from it.

Ideas for a perfect scenario

The fireman

This is a classic. You live the door unlocked and firemen rush inside asking where the fire is? Right after this the music starts and they dance with everyone in the room while taking off their clothes. Having a dance pole in the middle of the room will light up this show to the maximum. Just, don’t forget to give everyone enough drinks so they can enjoy it to the maximum.

The robber

This is for those that are not with a faint heart. The person will also rush into the door wearing a mask and make everyone scared for a second. Until anyone realizes what’s happening the guy starts dancing and stripping.

Another scenario is you to be the one that will handle the situation. You might need a little practice for this, but it’s still something that won’t take too much effort from you. You can oppose the robber and challenge them. Even some punches might get in the play, of course, without anyone getting hurt. It’s all acting. After this, the party begins.

The mailman

Women simply love a man in uniform, right? Well, you can make your stripper wear some sexy tight mailman clothes. When they ring the door you can ask him to come inside and join the party. When they get in, the rest is up to them and their professionalism.

Custom dancer

You can even choose the clothes that you like and ask them to wear what you choose. They can enter the place without playing games, just an ordinary, regular, hot looking male stripper that will tear up the place with its dancing technique.


We can say that male strippers are an excellent idea for a bachelorette party. In fact, if you don’t have at least one, it’s like you never did this. Think about it, you get married once and maybe never again. The strippers are looking awesome and they know how to make the party rock. If you’re more into something unique, checkout this link with ideas: https://www.brides.com/story/unique-not-basic-bachelorette-party-ideas

Hiring them is a sure way to know that everyone will be satisfied. No woman doesn’t love a good male strip dancing. Yes, they might say in public that they don’t really love it, but secretly, we all know that a good looking male body is something no one can resist looking at.

That’s why you shouldn’t think about this longer. Be sure that if you’re organizing the bachelorette, everyone will be satisfied. All you need to do is look up online who offers the best terms and, of course, who offers the best prices for the best shows.

Also, it’s good to check out the reviews of previous customers to know what you can expect. Find out about eventual problems or rude behavior and see who has the best guys.