Acoustic Piano Vs Digital Piano: Which Is Better

While traditional acoustic pianos have been around since time immemorial, today many people of the younger generation opt for the digital version when buying Grand Pianos Sydney. The choice of the type of piano, however, depends on certain factors like:

  • Mechanism: An acoustic piano has its keys connected to hammers and when a key is pressed the hammer strikes steel strings thereby producing a sound which expands and becomes amplified by the sound board. A digital piano, on the other hand, produces sounds with the help of electronic speakers. When a key is pressed in a digital piano, the sound produced comes from replaying a pre-recorded high quality sound of the acoustic piano.
  • Types: Acoustic pianos are generally of two types:
    • The grand piano with its horizontally placed frame and strings which requires more space by virtue of its longer body and which uses gravity to bring back the keys to their former resting position and
    • The upright piano where the strings are vertically placed and is thus more compact and convenient and which uses a spring mechanism to reset the keys to its original position thereby subjecting it to wear and tear.

The digital piano, on the other hand, comes in three different types. They are:

  • The grand piano version which is costly, has much better key movements and an exceptionally high-quality sound system,
  • The upright version which is quite similar to the acoustic upright version but weighs much less and
  • The portable digital version which is the lightest in weight since it has a plastic body and comes with a stand instead of legs.
  • Sound quality: The acoustic pianos definitely produce a much more authentic, warm and resonant sound while the digital version only mimics the sound of the acoustic Grand Pianos Sydney. The acoustics also give better control over the expression and articulation of the musical notes.
  • Maintenance: The acoustic pianos definitely need more maintenance in terms of tuning and it is also much more vulnerable to weather fluctuations and changes in humidity.

However, it is difficult to say which scores over the other since what the digital pianos lack by way of sound quality, they make up by virtue of their versatility and portability.