A Ride of Your Life

Are you seeking for new and thrilling adventures fit for the whole family? Looking for a place for you and your friends during the weekend to get away from your problems and stress? Adventure Park USA is known for its thrilling, heart-stopping roller coaster in the US. The park is located in Maryland, Baltimore and offers attractions and rides to people of all ages. If you want to get away with your family and engage with exciting activities, a roller coaster Baltimore will surely satisfy your adrenaline cravings.

Ride and Round (and around and around…)

Roller coasters can be the dizziest, scariest and yet, the most exciting ride you could ever experience. From straight tracks, sheer drops, sharp turns and loopy rails, this amusement attraction can both captivate and take out your heart all throughout the ride. Before deciding on which attraction you should ride, it is best to be briefed on what to expect during the ride, as well have known some safety precautions to avoid any accidents through the ride.

Adventure Park USA has two heart-stopping roller coaster, each one more exciting than the next.

  • WildCat, with its loops, hills and dropping tracks, will take you to the next level of fun and excitement. The four-seater cart gives a chance for families to enjoy the ride together.
  • The Wild West Express Roller Coaster, however, is a larger and higher roller coaster than WildCat, having the height of 53 feet. With its tight turns and dizzying loops, you’ll end up wanting for more.

For the safety of everyone, Adventure Park USA applied to age and health restrictions, as well as a height requirement to avoid any accidents during the ride. The people who have heart problems or other illness should stay away from these kinds of attractive adventures.

But do not fret! Adventure Park USA offers more rides safe and suitable for all ages.

These roller coasters in Adventure Park USA will not only give you the adrenaline rush you wanted, but also gives you the ride of your life. Ride it with your friends and family and your fun-filled trip to this amusement park will forever be remembered.

Thrill-seekers, This One’s For You

Roller coasters serve as a challenge for daredevils and brave souls. With tracks filled with loops, steep drops, sharp turns, giving you the adrenaline rush you need, you’ll surely come back for more. If you’re one of the few who’s brave enough to ride these heart-pounding rides, Adventure Park USA offers one of the highest, scariest and most exciting roller coaster in Baltimore. The park is not limited to just having roller coasters. Other park attractions are also available good for all ages. They also offer special promos for unlimited rides to your favorite attractions in the amusement park. What are you waiting for? Satisfy your adrenaline cravings and visit Adventure Park USA now! Invite your friends, family and loved ones for a weekend trip full of fun and excitement.