5 Guides on How to Plan A Wedding Reception

The most anticipated and interesting part of a wedding is the reception. This session sets the stage for the entire party thereby requiring careful planning. Guest stay longer and enjoy a well-organized reception than an ill-planned one and that is why it is good to carefully plan your reception well. And if you are in Montreal, Le Crystal hall is a perfect place to look. However, a quick guide to planning your wedding reception includes:

  1. Choose a wedding date first

The time of the year can greatly affect the availability of venues for reception. So, start looking for choice locations that would be free for booking in advance immediately after fixing the wedding date. The price of a venue is also influenced by season and day. Sunday weddings would save much more than the popular ones done on Saturdays.

  1. Consider different key components of your reception

You need to decide whether to have a sit-down dinner, a breakfast, brunch cocktail reception or an afternoon tea. So many key factors contribute to a beautiful reception. Environmental choice, outdoor or indoor should be wisely chosen. Also, consider whether to have a receiving line or to visit each table instead which a less formal alternative to the tradition. Consider how to have your toast, your dance timing, photo preference and whether to have a bouquet and garter toss among other elements.

  1. Consider your budget plan

Many receptions vary in prices according to the minimum number of people it can hold. So, carefully plan about the overall budget and total cost while looking for venue options.

  1. Choose reception menu

The most important part of reception to couples and guests is the food and drink aspect. Careful planning with the caterer to make a menu of food options putting into consideration diverse factors such as allergy and dietary restrictions. Printed menus carefully placed on each table can be utilized to determine people’s choices. Also, decide where to position the wedding cake table and carry the photographers along to capture cake cutting moments.

  1. Sort out the seating arrangements

This part of a reception planning process is very tasking as the arrangement is a strong determinant of the overall beauty and success of a reception. Consider whether the couples should sit alone at a “sweetheart table” opposite their guest or they join the bridal party table. Consider the elderly, parents and close friends in your table arrangement. Place and escort cards can be used for orderliness.